Awareness raising tour in municipalities and prefectures

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The CVE Center participated in a training for a Western Balkans research study on the phenomenon of Violent Extremism

Awareness raising tour in municipalities and prefectures

DATE 28 February – 1, 2 March 2019


Representatives of the CVE Center held mutual introduction meetings with representatives of local government in the Municipality of Përmet, Gjirokastra, Saranda and Himara. Subject of the discussions with the representatives of these institutions was the work being carried out by the CVE Center within the frameworks of the national action plan. The CVE Center emphasized the need for continued engagement with the community to get acquainted on a deeper note with its problems and needs at the local level.

The National Coordinator for CVE, presented to the participants the measures set out in the abovementioned plan, translated into individual plans for each institution.

In these meetings was highlighted, the need for cooperation of community policing structures with schools. It was also presented the idea of creating a joint plan with schools and police for awareness raising sessions in schools.

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