The fight against terrorism, the deputy minister of the interior, Romina Kuko, meets with the American delegation of the Department of Justice


Thr CVE Director Mr. Meidani participated in the “RCC Jumbo Security Conference” in Rome


The Director of the CVE Center and the National Coordinator against Violent Extremism and Terrorism, Mr. Denion Meidani, conducted the official visit to the Government of North Macedonia


Denion Meidani: “Extremism undermines peace and security, human rights and sustainable development”


Launching event dedicated to the program: “Safe Prisons – Safe Communities”, Meidani: “I strongly advocate that we should focus our discussions today on the possibilities of adopting an approach aimed at strengthening these key components of prison management”


The Director of the CVE Center contributed to a regional conference on how “to improve the practices which prevent radicalization and counter violent extremism in prisons and staff training for WB”