Lejdi Dervishi

Director of the CVE Center during: 26.06.2020-22.06.2022

Mrs. Lejdi Dervishi was the Director of The Coordination Center for Countering Violent Extremism (The CVE Center) close to Prime Minister’s Office, Tirana, Albania during 26.06.2020-22.06.2022.

In her previous position, since August 2018, Mrs. Dervishi has been the Head of the Sector for Civil Society and Security in The CVE Center.


She has a vast professional knowledge of international affairs that she has acquired through a constant follow up training and information research. She speaks perfectly four languages: Albanian, Italian, English and French.

She has attained three second-level Master’s degrees in the field of international and diplomatic relations, security studies and European studies from three prestigious Italian and Albanian institutions, which have contributed to accomplish her professional and academic skill set (Link Campus University, Italian Society for International Organizations (SIOI UN) and Institute of European Studies).

She has followed different professional courses and achieved certificates on issues related to P/CVE issues as well as studied the effect of geopolitical changes that this phenomena may have, in particular with focus in the Western Balkans, NATO and MENA region.

In the last years, she has participated in various international workshops and conferences as a speaker, that have had as on their focus the prevention and countering of radicalization and violent extremism that can lead to terrorism (VERLT).

Since 2003, she has also attended over the years different educational seminars (webinars) with reference to the acquisition of managerial skills related to the business field, intercultural communication, development of project skills in the field of non-profit associations / international organizations as well as continuous professional updating in the framework of security and international relations.

In July 2020 Mrs. Dervishi has been selected by the Commission to be included in the expert pool of the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) (europa.eu)

Guest lecturer:

NATO TRADOC Course (2019) for senior officials. Lecture on “The nexus between the transnational organized crime and international terrorism”, Albanian Defence College, Ministry of Defence

Mrs. Lejdi Dervishi, lectured in the Advanced Course of the NATO’s Advanced Science Program for Peace and Security: ” Gender Involvement in Counterterrorism Efforts in the Western Balkans “. The course was organized by the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Cyber Security, Corporate Security and Crisis Management Initiative from the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

Academic publication:         

Magister’s degree thesis, held close to the University of Studies of Siena, Italy, entitled “NATO’s Evolution: From Conventional to Hybrid Warfare” was published on line (2016) from NATO Multimedia Library (Brussels) on the following link: http://www.natolibguides.info/hybridwarfare/reports