Delegation from Turkmenistan study visit in Tirana

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Delegation from Turkmenistan study visit in Tirana

A delegation from Turkmenistan had a study visit in the country from 21-24  October. CVE Center, at the request of UNDP Cooperation Office in Turkmenistan hosted in Tirana this delegation consisting of the Deputy Ministers of the Ministries of the Republic of Turkmenistan.

The four-day visit consisted on meetings with senior representatives of the Republic of Albania, local government and civil society. These meetings gave the delegation the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences on the phenomenon of radicalism and violent extremism, which is being coordinated by the CVE Center as the leading institution at national and local level. At the same time, these meetings are a further indicator of what has been achieved in our country in the implementation of the National Strategy and Action Plan of the CVE Center.

The delegation held its first meeting with the CVE Center, where it was informed in details on the line ministries’ commitments and tasks in the implementation of the National Strategy, involved in the implementation of this strategy, represented by: Director General of State Police, Mr. Ardi Veliu, Deputy Director of Anti-Terrorism, Mr. Edmond Sulaj, Mayor of Elbasan, Mr. Gledian Llatja together with the Prefect of Elbasan District, Mr. Maksim Malaj and members of the Elbasan Local Public Safety Council, as well as with representatives of civil society organizations.

These meetings contributed positively to the delegation from Turkmenistan, whose representatives expressed high interest in co-operation in certain areas, as well as in discussing and sharing their experience in the future.