EU4LEA TRAINING: “Enhancing the capacities of State Police officials”

Regional Conference of launching the establishment of the National Referral Mechanism for the Prevention of Radicalism and the Fight against Violent Extremism.

EU4LEA TRAINING: “Enhancing the capacities of State Police officials”

EU4LEA TRAINING: “Enhancing the capacities of State Police officials”

Publisher: 21/06/2024

From June 18-21, 2024, at the premises of the Security Academy, the Coordination Center for Countering Violent Extremism (The CVE Center) participated in and coordinated activities with
the EU FORLEA technical assistance project, financed by the European Union in Albania. They conducted a 4-day training on “Training on basic and intermediate functions related to
radicalization, violent extremism, early signs of radicalization, trends in radicalization, recruitment methods, EU best practices for monitoring and processing information on extremism
leading to terrorism, as well as applicable national legal frameworks.”;

The training aimed to prepare 60 officials of the State Police, including the General Patrol (OPP), community policing officers, and representatives from local police authorities at various
levels. The training was facilitated by EU4LEA and led by Colonel Vincenzo di Peso, a first-level instructor from the Department of Public Security, Central Directorate for Preventive Police Services against Extremism and Foreign Terrorism, Rome.

Colonel Vincenzo di Peso, during his presentations, addressed the structure of the Ministry of Interior, the Central Directorate for Preventive Police Services, the EU’s Strategic Framework on Preventing Violent Extremism, models of radicalization, self-radicalization, intervention strategies, and the Radicalization Awareness Network (RAN).

At the finalization of the training on Friday, June 21, 2024, participation certificates were distributed in the presence of the National Coordinator, Ms. Lejdi Dervishi, and the EU4LEA
project leader, Mr. Fabio Ottaviani.

This training marked a significant step in preparing officials to confront and counter radicalization and violent extremism, strengthening inter- interinstitutional cooperation and
enhanced their skills in monitoring and addressing these phenomena.