The CVE center holds outreach meetings on violent extremism in gjirokastra region

The Coordination Center on Countering Violent Extremism within the framework of the National Action Plan CVE, during November, held informative and awareness raising meetings with the […]

The CVE center and inter-institutional working group held their first meeting on implementation of the plan for the return and reintegration of citizens in syrian detention camps

The CVE Center together with the inter-institutional ministerial working group held their first meeting to organize the work on the implementation of the Inter-Institutional Plan for […]

National Coordinator presents national program and challenges about reintegration of foreign terrorist fighters on the workshop organized by Safety Cooperation Center (Racviac), held in Zagreb, Croatia on 11th -13th of November 2019.

The National Coordinator for Violent Extremism Issues presented the national program, policies, lessons learned and challenges related to the reintegration of Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTF) into […]

CVE center and IOM together in reintegrating albanian citizens returned from Syria

The Center for Countering Violent Extremism held a meeting with the senior representative of the International Organization of Migration (IOM) for the region focused on women […]

Engagement of the CVE center with other actors in youth information sessions on the process of probation supervision

The Center for Countering Violent Extremism continues raising awareness of young people in the process of overseeing the Probation Service as part of the implementation of […]

CVE Center offers its vision of launching the project: “Building a resilient community for countering violent extremism”

At the launch of the project “Building a resilient community for countering violent extremism through the“ School as a Community Center ”model, the CVE Center was […]