Latest News


The CVE Center held a bilateral meeting with the Macedonian counterpart for the exchange of experiences on the Rehabilitation and Reintegration processes of former foreign fighters and their families.


The CVE Center’s director Mrs. Lejdi Dervishi participated in a meeting with the UNICEF High Representative in Albania, in the premises of the Repatriation Reception Center.


The CVE Center participated in the 2nd Inter-agency Forum on P/CVE with the participation of front-line professionals from prisons and probation services


The CVE Center monitored the activity organized by WCDCA for the establishment of the women’s council in Kavaja


The CVE Center in cooperation with CLCI organized a national training of local actors and CSOs to prevent and counter violent extremism


The CVE Center finalized the second phase of MoviEQ methodology training for 10 (ten) professionals facilitators from different line institutions.